Welcome, New Clients!

I'm excited to announce that I have two brand-new clients that I will be providing with fundraising consulting services starting this month!


Both are great organizations doing very different work. The first is Maven. Here is how Maven describes their work on their website:

Maven fosters innovative solutions that empower LGBTQ+ youth to network, organize and educate for social change.
We accomplish our mission by:
  • Bridging the technology gap between LGBTQ+ youth and youth serving organizations
  • Providing meaningful skills development to pave career pathways for LGBTQ+ youth 
  • Transforming the tech industry through consciousness raising and collaborative partnerships
We envision a world where:
LGBTQ+ youth are equipped with the knowledge, skill and ability to create innovative tech solutions. Youth are provided career pathways into technology and supported to advance within the tech industry through training, mentorship and application.
LGBTQ+ youth serving organizations are providing services to youth using the most innovative technology. It’s a world where nonprofits are provided the funding and support needed to access and sustain the newest technology to better serve youth.
The LGBTQ+ community thrives in technology. It’s a world where the tech industry invests in the next generation of LGBTQ+ professionals and changes how our community is represented in games and media. LGBTQ+ tech professionals, especially leaders of color, rise within the industry.
LGBTQ+ youth are free to explore their identity free from bullying and hateful speech. It’s a world where youth can walk into a center online before they’re comfortable with stepping through the door (or find a door online that isn’t in their community).
We envision a world where the most rural of youth can access an array of resources available in the most urban areas. It’s a world where youth are sharing resources and best practices – connecting a thriving GSA club in San Antonio, TX with a budding group in rural Kerman, CA.

I'll be developing a fundraising plan, prospect spreadsheet, and case statement to help Maven launch its very first major fundraising campaign this fall. Can't wait to start!



The second new client I will be working with is the Children's Creativity Museum in San Francisco. Here is how they describe their work on their website:

The Children’s Creativity Museum in San Francisco is an innovative art and technology experience for kids of all ages. Our mission is to nurture Creativity and Collaboration in all children and families. We believe that creative expression, innovation, and critical thinking are core to fostering the next generation.

We are transforming the way kids learn. We move from the conventional approach of play to one of invention. We shift the focus from media consumption to media production. We promote collaboration over independence and engagement over isolation. These principles – combined with our educational approach that encourages kids to imagine, create and share – provide a new model for nurturing creativity and collaboration.
We recognize the importance of instilling a love of learning and building creative confidence at a young age. We achieve this through our educational programs that are designed to engage kids throughout their development, starting in preschool and continuing through high school. In addition, we offer programs for educators and parents who play a critical role in building a solid foundation for lifelong learning and creativity.
We are a world-class, innovative children’s museum located in one of the world’s most culturally diverse and creative cities. Youth and families — from all backgrounds, communities, and income levels — have the opportunity to work side by side to create a dynamic and creative learning environment. This provides an ideal platform for collaboration, inclusion, and the celebration of each person’s unique talents.
Our educational philosophy stems from three core beliefs:
1. Creativity does not happen in a vacuum
2. Innovation is a process
3. A community of diverse learners, thinkers, and doers is critical to building a creative environment.
These principles apply to our staff, visitors, community partners, and thought leaders in the field.

I'll be doing a fundraising assessment for the Children's Creativity Museum in preparation for a potential major fundraising campaign. This will be a lot of fun!

I'm so very grateful to be able to work with these remarkable new clients in addition to continuing my work with my wonderful existing clients. Really, I am so very fortunate to be able to do this consulting work. 

— In fundraising solidarity,

Holly Million