Remove All Doubt with a Donor Gift Table

I have designed and run countless fundraising campaigns over the past twenty-five years I have spent in fundraising. I have written the plans, the messaging, and created the fundraising teams and the communications tools, and all that good stuff. And what I have learned through all this experience is that there is one tool, and one tool only, that is absolutely crucial to the success of a fundraising campaign. And that tool is none of the items I just listed above.

I've got a fundraising blog!

The world needs real information from a filmmaker/fundraiser who has raised money for her own films and for other people’s films. You won’t get this in film school. You won’t find much about it on the Internet or in books, either. The world is changing, the rules are changing. How do you get your chunk of change? This launches the blog that gives you the goods on raising money for your indie film.