I am the author of Fear-Free Fundraising: How to Ask People for Money, which is available to purchase on Amazon. Fundraising and communications go hand in hand. As a professional filmmaker and a professional fundraiser, I bring good communications to everything I do. It’s all about telling a good story. Let me help you tell yours effectively.

Fear-Free Fundraising takes the mystery out of raising money from individual donors. This is a book designed for those who are new to fundraising. If you’re a staff or board member of a growing nonprofit—or anyone who needs to ask someone else for money—Fear-Free Fundraising will help you:

  1. visualize the steps to introduce people to your organization,
  2. actually take these steps, and
  3. go face to face to ask people to write checks!

This book explores the complete process of individual giving including the following:

  • Identifying your potential donors
  • How to manage the individual giving process
  • What role direct mail plays in the overall process
  • How you can use house parties in your program
  • How to make donors feel connected to your organization
  • How to prepare for and set up face-to-face meetings to ask for money
  • What to do if the potential donor says ‘no’
  • What happens after the donor meeting

Yes, you, too, can be a fundraising superhero!