Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to serve you and your organization with my consulting services. It’s my pleasure to help you create systems, processes, and tools to enable your organization to raise more money!

If you have enjoyed working with me, and feel that others would benefit from my services, I invite you to share information with them about my work.  I would appreciate direct introductions by email if you are willing. Or, if you simply want to share my resume, bio, and client success stories, that would be great! If you make a direct introduction, it will make it easier for me to thank you for any resulting work.

To reward you for spreading the word, I am offering a special incentive. For every new contract I sign with a client you refer, I will make a donation of up to 5% of the contract total to your organization! Every time I gain a new client from your referrals, I will share the wealth back with you and your organization.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with you, your staff, your funders, and your organization. I’m thrilled to help great organizations secure the funding they need to do good work in the world!

Holly Million

Some of Holly's happy clients.

Some of Holly's happy clients.