Services and Programs

  • Assessment of fundraising programs 
  • Develop and write business, fundraising, and event plans
  • Design fundraising campaigns
  • Develop major-donor program
  • Grant proposal development
  • Corporate sponsorship program development
  • Prospect spreadsheet/donor gift table creation
  • Fundraising event design
  • Budget development
  • Board and staff training
  • Event design and consultation
  • Webinars

Learn more about each of my services and programs below. 

Customized and multi-year programs available upon consultation.


I determine what you have to work with. I request documents and information I need to see where you are starting and what can be brought into the process. I speak to the key players involved with your organization to ascertain what they know. I evaluate what I can bring into the process through my knowledge, experience, and contacts. I research the big ideas that are unique to this opportunity. Exploring the big ideas will require conversations with people in my network, contact with new sources of information, and conversations with you and your network. During the assessment, I begin to look at specific funding opportunities, including foundations, sponsors, individuals, government, venture philanthropy, and earned income. At the end of my assessment, I present a formal report to you outlining options I think would serve your goals best. The assessment determines whether any structures or systems need to be created to support your longer-term goals.


Fundraising Plan

I write customized fundraising plans which are focused on creating a campaign designed to bring in individual and institutional funds and to serve as the basis for future campaigns. The plan will includes the strategy, objectives, and dollar goal for each phase of the campaign, likely suspects for a lead gift/grant, any special opportunities from the list of big ideas, a timeline, a plan for forming a campaign committee, a suggested name for the campaign, an outline of needs for communication, a budget, a plan for creating tools and infrastructure, and a list of needed personnel. The plan can also identify sponsorship, foundation, and any government avenues for funding, etc. We have the option at this stage to focus on securing seed money, which will support my ongoing work with you and lay the groundwork for the additional fundraising ahead.


Prospect Table / Donor Gift Table

I create a prospect spreadsheet for major individual prospects, foundations, government funders, and/or corporate sponsors. The prospect table includes leads collected from within your organization and also leads I research. We draw from the prospect spreadsheet to create a formal donor gift table to ensure we have enough “asks” to reach the campaign goal. The donor gift table specifies the amount for each request, cultivation steps, and owner of each relationship.


Campaign Communications

I can create a written case statement, message points, and donor pitch language to support fundraising. These tools are often designed around the needs of a campaign specifically. I can provide graphic design services to support the professional look of the campaign materials and communications.


Campaign Management

If you like, I can directly manage a specific fundraising campaign or other fundraising activities. I work with you to secure a lead gift/grant, organize the campaign committee, oversee the launch, manage the donor gift table, oversee cultivation and solicitation of gifts, work with you on major solicitations, manage communications and data management, and oversee any crowd-funding campaign.


Development Department on Demand (3-D)

Don’t have a development staff? Not ready to hire a staff? Through this service, I provide a fully loaded and staffed virtual development department to organizations that do not have one and that don’t want to commit the resources to hire full-time staff. This service is an excellent bridging tool for organizations that have other revenue streams but are just starting to implement individual-giving programs.

The team can be configured any number of ways.  I estimate my hours and the team’s combined hours to give you a quote. You have the option to put 3-D on a monthly retainer to keep costs predictable.


Trainings and Webinars

I design and lead board fundraising trainings, which can happen in person or by webinar. I also provide general fundraising trainings for staff and board.  Ask me about my existing webinars or let's discuss a customized webinar for your needs.


Fundraising Communications Services

I can create communications for a campaign or a fundraising program.  I can consult on how to improve your website to serve your fundraising better, create talking points to help board and staff when they are conversing with funders about your organization. I can tease out the big ideas and high-concept themes from your organization’s work.  I can lead a process to identify these core ideas and organize them into a written communications plan. I can also consult on how to create a story bank of real, human stories from within the organization to put a human face on its work. I can also advise about how organizations can use video and images to have more impact in their outreach and fundraising.