Thanks to Holly’s fundraising workshop, our board members have overcome their fear of fundraising. Now, they meet with donors and bring back the big checks!
— Jennifer Wallace, Development Director

Holly’s direct mail strategy and letter helped our organization raise over $40,000. I trust her advice on fundraising.
— Rachael Grossman, Nonprofit Executive

Her name is ‘Million’,
What more do you need to know?
— David Smernoff, Former Nonprofit Executive Director

If you’re smart, you’ll listen to Holly and raise money for your organization’s important work. If you’re not, I hear telemarketing is a growing job field.
— Anne Moses, Nonprofit Executive

Holly really is a fear-free fundraiser.
You want her on your team, saying these words:
‘Please take out your checkbooks.’
— Peter Drekmeier, Elected Official

I fear HER.
Thank God she’s on my side,
refusing to take ‘no’ for an answer.
— Jennifer Kroot, Independent Film Director